Samsung’s spring monitors stand out with sharp designs

We first saw the Samsung UD590 monitor in Las Vegas at CES 2014.
Josh Miller/CNET

Samsung quietly introduced a few new monitors at CES 2014, but they’re officially taking off the veil of their spring line-up, with pre-orders for their 28-inch 4K model starting today. The Samsung UD590 rocks a 3,840×2,160-pixel resolution and starts at $699 — a competitive price for a monitor of its screen size and resolution.

In addition to the 4K-boasting UD590, Samsung announced the SD590 and SD390 monitors. Both will be released in 23.6-inch and 27-inch models and feature a more modest 1,920×1,080-pixel resolution, minimal ports, and slim bezels.

The touch of blue on the bezel gives the SD390 a hip look.
Xiomara Blanco/CNET

The Samsung SD390 monitors stylishly stand out with a transparent border that feature a blue tint. It’s cooler than your typically drab, all-black bezel display, and the stand also dons a black base with a clear stem, creating a funky floating-monitor type of illusion.

In a slightly more traditional approach, Samsung’s SD590 series is unique in is “T-shape” stand design. It maximizes desk space through minimizing the monitor’s base and the simple stand slightly resembles a squeegee. However, I like the unique attention to how the monitor fits into your greater working space — it’s a refreshing approach and the monitor itself looks sharp and sleek.

The UD590 also sports the T-shape stand.
Xiomara Blanco/CNET

Samsung hasn’t announced exact release dates or all prices, but the SD590 and SD390 will be available in April starting at $249.99. Check back on CNET for more information when it becomes available.

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